Ketupat Restaurant – Kuta Bali

You know the type, foreign Indo Foodies complaining that “ooooo this sambal isn’t spicy enough” or local rujak. “Idiots”, I,d think,before disappearing off to the nearest sandwich shop. Indonesia has given us the nasi and the mie goreng, and that’s about it.then something inevitable happened. I discovered beef rendang. And sambal matah. And ayam betutu. And kerupuk.And ….well you get the point . As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat’ em, join’ em and now it’s me guzzling up the extra sambal or getting genuinely exited about a few sticks of sate kambing (look it up) There are plenty of place, for the unenlightened to the seasoned Indo food vetaran, dotted around town, but Ketupat restaurant on JL.Dewi Sri Kuta Bali has to be the granddaddy of them all,offering authentic Indonesia specialties from all over the archipelago – from Lombok to Kalimantan, Java to Sulawesi and beyond – it’s all property enak.

Strolling in trough the exquisite wooden joglo pavilion of Ketupat we’re warmly greeted by by the smiley waiter. Clearly anticipating that we’re not just here for the spring rolls, He shows us over to one of the larger tables out back next to the pool and leaves us to peruse the enormous menus over a couple of refreshing ice teas. Appetizers, soup, noodles, sate, sea food, duck, curries, stir fries – the choices are all a little bewildering ( mainly because I want to eat it all ), so we decide to go for maximum assortment. Tapas Indonesian style.

First up was a plate of the fish and tofu perkedel cake, along with the insanely morish crunchy Javanese style peanut crackers and the tuna and basil panda puffs ( all 26k ) from the stater list. Next up the table filling nasi kuning  (66k) arrives, featuring an assortment of tender beef rendang, crunchy tempe, corn fritters and plenty more tucked around the generous vocano of fragrant yellow rice in the center. Keen to sample a few more different taste, we get stuck in to a bowl of tangy sour mango infused sambal tapa ( 17) on the side, as well as the stick or two of the Balinese specialy sate lilit tuna ( 83 ) which in this case is wrapped around a lemongrass stalk and presented on a small clay barbeque.

The feast draws to a close with a nibble of some coconut ice cream and a few slice of plate cleansing watermelon,and we leave Ketupat full to the brim and keen to return and sample some of the other delicacies. For now, you can keen your sandwich shop, where I’m heading for lunch tomorrow .

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  1. lovely place

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